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dyno results for 2015-2017 stock 5.0

I did a search under "dyno" for a hp/torque readout on the stock 5.0, but nothing turned up. I'm particularly interested in what kind of torque is produced at "launch" RPMs - say around 2,500-3,000.
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I found some figures on another website. These numbers are from a dyno comparison of a stock 2015 GT and stock 2016 GT350, both cars with low mileage. Interesting that the GT produces more torque (and horsepower) than the GT350 in the 2,500-3,400 RPM range. Some examples:

2,500 RPM: GT - 304.73 torque (145.04 HP). GT350 - 251.86 (119.90).
3,000 RPM: GT - 312.62 (178.57). GT350 - 282.32 (161.26).
3,400 RPM: GT - 333.82 (216.10). GT350 - 305.13 (197.60).

Between 3,500 and 3,900 RPM the GT350 pulls ahead slightly, but at 4,000 the GT edges out the GT350 by 355.53 to 354.94 (horsepower is almost the same: 270.77 for the GT, 270.33 for the GT350). From 4,100 on the GT350 outdoes the GT.

At 6,300 RPM (the last readout) the GT provides 379.11 wheel HP and 316.07 torque (the GT350 numbers are 419.23 and 349.51, respectively).

At 8,100 RPM (the last readout) the GT350 gets 435.97 wheel HP and 282.70 torque.

So, the GT displays some pretty impressive "push" in the launch RPM range.
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GT350 kicks you in *** at around 4000 or so and keeps pulling to 8250, its amazing. You really need to get the revs up, but the GT has the advantage on the lower end.

Either way, having this kind of conversation about these kind of factory numbers after the dark days of the 80's is a good thing.
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