A little update on 1LOW03GT

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A little update on 1LOW03GT

It's been a while.But this is what i have been doing this winter,that actually should've been done last winter LOL!!
The Bullitt intake swap.
Just waiting for a few things to come to me once the Bullitt EGR tube is not on back order,so hopefully next week it should be good to go.
Right now everything is just test fitted to figure out the vacuum lines,and other hose/tube routing,and bracket placing,....and i also had to change out my cam/valve covers due to the oil fill tube,my stock covers have it on the passenger side,and it was in the way of the inlet tube,so i needed to swap over to the passenger side.Thank God for the wreckers for the cam covers.LOL...saves me a few bucks there.
Anyways,here are the pics of the swap.
I was originally going to polish the intake,but to much time for me,so i sanded the intake smooth enough to look as smooth as possible,and sprayed her gloss black along with the cam covers.Looks really good with the silver engine compartment.Didn't think i would like it,but i really do love it.
The intake.....
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The cam covers....
Name:  bcaver4.jpg
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The test fitting,and what it should look like completed.
Name:  100_1240.jpg
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And what she use to look like....
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Looking mighty fine
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Nicest 03 out there, just got better.

Brings tears of joy to my eyes!
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Looks good Jay.
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Looks real good for sure.

Whats the advantages of the bullitt intake over stock, other than looking 100% better?
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Thanks guys!!
The advantage is that it's stronger then the plastic intake that comes on the GT's,which are known to crack,that is my number one reason,second i needed an intake that can flow a little better then the stocker for my cams,and like you stated,it looks better which is a bonus LOL.But it is pretty good for addittional hp,more so for the power added GT's though,and a little on for the N/A guys,so usually the N/A guys don't bother cause of the cost,if the cost was lower,or deals were flying around,you would see more guys with them.For hp,I might see maybe 10 hp more,give or take.We will see once i get it re tuned.Plus the fact that WOT MODS gave me a heck of a deal on this fully ported Bullitt intake,and i couldn't refuse it.A really good guy to deal with.
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veryy niceee i like!
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Thank you!
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OMG....Dude that looks killer clean...!
Now that looks so different
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Why thank you,much appriciated.
It does make it look a tad different doesn't it.
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